In our experience, there's always a solution

With some projects, standardized solutions just won't get you very far. When the problems are complex, they require comprehensive advising and customized concepts, for instance. Or when the circumstances are so challenging that only international experience and unconventional means can resolve them. We specialize in tackling exactly such ambitious projects. Since 1968 Flemming has been developing complex process control systems, including low-voltage distribution and safety control systems.

Our refined electronic and process control technology ensures the highest possible degree of reliability for systems in industrial operations, tank farms, and seafaring tankers carrying cryogenic liquid gas, oil or chemicals.

Flemming's team comprises engineers, technicians and business representatives. We attribute our global entrepreneurial success in large part to effective dialogue
and close cooperation with our customers:

As a Flemming customer, from planning to commissioning, you will receive expert guidance and advice from one and the same person — your project manager.


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