The safe way to support your crew from shore.

As a fleet manager, you need to ensure that the fleet is operated in a cost-efficient manner. The failure of a single subsystem is often the reason why the charter cannot be executed to the customer's satisfaction. This in turn affects the profitability of the vessel .

TELEVISITOR V2 now supports the operation of the vessel. Remotely, the superintendent can support the vessel's crew by accessing the current user interface of the operator station at his "home" location. TELEVISITOR V2 provides a real-time overview of the entire system. Through the "Join session" function, it is even possible to get additional expert advice. This enables not only process optimisation but also advanced rapid and targeted fault diagnosis.
This greatly relieves the crew on the ship and minimises downtime, as well as saving additional travel expenses and costs for the expert. Operating costs decrease and profitability increases. These considerable savings potentials can help to secure your competitiveness.

And all this in compliance with the recognised cyber security guidelines IEC 62443 as a minimum requirement.

TELEVISITOR V2 offers four operating modes: 




  • Minimisation of service journeys in combination with reduction of service costs.
  • Operational support of the crew from a distance
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Increase in reliability
  • Preventive maintenance to increase availability
  • Process optimisation through comparison of parameters of sister vessels
  • Regular inspections for preventive maintenance



  • Accepted data encryption via VPN and SSL
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Class approval for "essential services" on board
  • Crew initiated and confirmed session
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Mobile device support for remote access
  • Multiple participants in one session
  • No special installations required on the remote device, only a common internet browser needed
  • Data export (*.csv) directly in the web browser


Televisitor complies with the requirements of IASC UR E22 as well as the requirements of IACS UR E26 & UR 27, which are effective from 1 January 2024.

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