LPG / LNG tankers

LPG / LNG tankers

LPG/ LNG carriers

To transport gasses across the ocean economically they must be liquefied. To accomplish this, they are cooled down to –162° C by means of high-pressure compressors. In this case, the special requirement for the control and process control technology is to guarantee the permanent availability of the compressors and cooling loops. Safety monitoring of the processing plant, with its many different components, is also a major challenge.

In the demanding field of ocean-going gas carriers Flemming is one of the leading suppliers worldwide. Flemming provides the complete control & alarm system for the gas plant (loading / unloading, reliquefaction of the gas phase, alarm management, tank management, ballast system, power management) as well as low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies according to IEC 61439-1 for up to 8,000 amperes.


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