One of the biggest challenges in the Chemical Industry is not only the safe handling of highly complex manufacturing systems with complicated reaction processes but also in economic terms to optimize and continuously adapt to changing conditions.

Our decades of experience in the handling of gaseous and liquid substances and our thereby acquired our process engineering know-how helps us to understand our customers' problems and enables us to come up with a solution by bringing the procedural requirements with the current possibilities of automation in line.

Our experts will face the world at the forefront when it comes to using the latest technologies, like advanced bus systems for various applications, intelligent peripherals, data connection to the ERP level, or the use of Web technologies. Manufacturer independent - we always strive for the optimal solution for our customers.

Your benefits:

  • economical hardware construction
  • higher availability and reliability
  • faster response times and thus higher processing speeds
  • cost-effective adaptation of the control to changing conditions
  • lower maintenance costs


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