We offer individuality.

In many projects, you don't get any further with standard solutions.

  • For example, when it comes to complex problems that require comprehensive advice and individual concepts
  • Or for difficult challenges that require international experience and unconventional ways.

But even if there are off-the-shelf solutions, these often only represent a suboptimal solution, which, calculated over the entire system service life, causes a considerable amount of additional costs.

We at Flemming have specialized in the realization of demanding, customer-specific projects. Thanks to our comprehensive technical competence and many years of experience, we develop optimal problem solutions at the highest level in close cooperation with the customer.

Because only if the solutions perfectly match your problems will you get the optimum combination of economy, safety and reliability that you rightly expect. 

As a Flemming customer, you will be competently accompanied and advised from planning to commissioning by one and the same person - your project manager.


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