FAT / Commissioning

The FAT edge: Save time and add safety

How can even more time be saved before a new plant or system is commissioned,
while gaining additional safety?

The answer is "FAT," which stands for Factory Acceptance Test. We subject each of our projects to complete functional testing, including the extensive use of simulators and state-ofthe-art emulators. Your advantage? A time savings of up to 300% and the highest possible degree of safety

The team responsible for your project, as with all of the engineering and work done up until that point, handles the assembly and commissioning of your plant on location. Coordination and management are the responsibility of the project manager, who is familiar with all the details of your job from the initial planning phase onward.

The on-site assembly and commissioning of your system as well as all previous development and work steps is carried out by the responsible project team. 


  • Fieldbus simulations
  • Network analysis and stress tests
  • I/O real-time emulation
  • Processsimulation / Digital twin
  • Cyber security


  • on site
  • worldwide
  • Supervising

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